Acacia Family Support

Birmingham city-wide charity

Birmingham city-wide charity

Acacia Family Support is a Birmingham city-wide charity providing much needed help for families affected by pre- and postnatal depression and anxiety. In these uncertain times, Acacia provides a lifeline to pregnant mothers and new parents who are already struggling with mental health issues and are now tipped to breaking point.

These families need help now more than ever. Feeling trapped and isolated, families have lost all their support networks that were helping them get through day to day life. They are left feeling alone and anxious about what the future holds.  Increased stress can make feelings of depression and anxiety spiral out of control and if left untreated, this can have have a devastating impact during and for a long time after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Suicide is still the leading cause of death for new mums in the first year after birth.

That's why Acacia’s services are crucial right now. Their incredible team of staff and volunteers step in to provide support to struggling parents, before problems get worse. Right now, they are providing essential listening and befriending support via phone and text alongside online group support sessions and resources.  Their ‘letterboxes of love’ cards and small acts of kindness offer a ray of hope to mums and dads, at a time when they may be feeling as though their whole world is falling apart.

Acacia’s services are needed now more than ever to ensure they can keep helping Birmingham’s most isolated and vulnerable parents.

I started receiving support from Acacia after lockdown and honestly, I have never felt so supported. It’s like talking to a close friend who you know doesn’t judge, only has your best interests at heart, has links with other useful resources and send you beautiful little things in the post..absolutely priceless "